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To define Kea Michaels, one has to be prepared to experience an emotionally charged performance of being wrapped in her smoky and soulful storytelling vocals.  Her words and sound proposes an acoustical cry that echoes the raw and brazen situations of urban life.  She expresses the emotions of life by delivering lyrics that mirrors the highs and lows of life.  Kea’s mission is to change the lives of everyone who hears her smooth and classic voice by conveying a sense of hope in disturbing times. 

Inspired as a young child, she recognized that living life supports a plethora of emotions.  She became sensitive to the development of relationships as she watched many begin, evolve, sustain and unfortunately died.  She captured such insight into words that eventually became songs.  She became entangled in the African American struggle.  She uses her most powerful weapon to fight back, her voice…her words…her songs.  She is currently working on her first full album which is a collaboration of songs that highlights the African American plight weaving descriptive and empowering phrases that tell the deep story of existing in a destructive land. 

Kea’s music reflects life experiences which render a style of bold edginess.  She offers an urban genre with songs that reflect the challenges of today’s society.  Her ability to be versatile is reflected when she delivers a passionate spoken word performance followed by an emotional love ballet.   She is able to deliver a sound that is best described as Soul with a touch of Jazz.  Yet, she can incorporate a falsetto and impeccable intonation that establishes a powerful reputation.

On stage, Kea captivates her audience as she charges the atmosphere with expressions of life through her spoken word and songs.  Emphasizing the good, bad and ugly realistic moments that occur in society and in relationships are themes that Kea uses throughout her performance.   Her original song like the one titled “I Love You” describes the realization that Love never leaves you.  In contrast, she penned and sings with tremendous determination and strength a hard core gift called, “Not My Friend.” 

Kea is building a base of faithful listeners who provide her with the inspiration she needs to create more soul stirring music and write thought-provoking poetry.  Kea has this incredible technique of bringing her music, band and the audience together for a surprising yet delightful love relationship that stirs the senses; moves the body and satisfies the soul of each and every listener.   

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Frick Fridays Holiday Series

The Frick Pittsburgh is well known for its beautiful architecture and iconic Mansion and Kea Michaels added to the main attraction on December 30, 2017. Michaels and pianist Dwayne Fulton memorable performance had members and listeners in ahhhh. Bringing the first...

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Classic Events Salute to Legal Excellence Dinner

While community leaders at times tend to go unnoticed some not only see however they recognize their efforts, Ralph Watson is one that recognizes and honors community servants. His annual event honors the political constituents that make the community a better and...

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Stars at Riverview Jazz Series

Last year Kea Michaels live performance at Riverview Park received rave reviews. Stars at Riverview is a line up of Pittsburgh's finest Jazz musicians and singers that set out to perform live concerts at Pittsburgh's most Historic Park. Crowds fill up these Saturday...

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With her signature sound of #LegacySoulMusic and Smooth Jazz, Kea takes you through an amazing journey. A deeply passionate songstress, Kea is an artist who is a true believer in the power of music and melody to spread love, ignite hope, and perform healing. She is pleased to present for your listening enjoyment her debut single, “I Love You”. #KeaSoulMusic

Debut single Available July 28

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As I embark on my musical journey I WANT YOU to come along and enjoy the ride with me. I believe in people and the power that we possess to inspire and empower one another. You can determine what influential and positive method works in causing life-changing outcomes to better someone’s life. Meeting enchanted listeners make me cherish what I do even more and are constant reminders of a journey that was destined to be!

The fulfillment I feel when I’m being seen and heard for the very first time is unexplainable.

I am truly content with the joy the audience feels after hearing me sing!